Golf Club Condition Rating Guide

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Rating the condition of golf equipment is something we’ve been doing for a long time, so we think we’ve got pretty good at it!  We’ve put together a condition rating guide so that you can get a better idea of the relative condition of clubs for sale in our store and how to rate clubs you are looking to sell to us. 


All clubs that we purchase are closely inspected by our professional team before being photographed.  This is to ensure that we accurately depict the items condition within the description and include photos of any additional marks or imperfections that we think you 'the customer' would want to see.  We always put ourselves in your shoes so that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase when it arrives at your door.


Condition Grade

Our simplified condition grading system aims to make assessing the condition of golf equipment more straightforward.  We now grade clubs as New, A (Excellent), B (Very Good), C (Good) & D (Fair).  The grade is given as an overall representation of the golf club with the focus mainly being on the club head and face (unless of course the item is a shaft or bag).  If a golf club has been given an A grade then the shaft and grip can be assumed to be in the same condition.  When this is not the case it will be highlighted in the additional notes within the item description. If the item you are looking at has an 'Out of 10' rating please click to view this condition guide here.

Club Heads


  • This club or set is brand new. 
  • The head is still in the original manufacturers shrink wrap. 
  • Unless otherwise stated in additional notes there are no marks or signs of use anywhere on the club, including the shaft and grip.

New Condition Driver


  • An A grade represents a club or set that is practically unblemished.
  • There are no visible marks on the crown, back or top of the club and any marks on the face are almost imperceptible. 
  • Unless stated in additional notes, there are no marks or paint scratches on the shaft and the grip is almost new. 

Grade A Drivers


  • B grade golf clubs and sets represent the top end of pre-owned golf equipment. 
  • This club or set only has faint marks on the face and the crown is unblemished. 
  • There are no sky marks visible on drivers, fairways or hybrids. 
  • The back and sole are also in very good condition and any marks will be very minor. 
  • Unless otherwise stated in the additional notes the shaft may have very light marks but no scratches or shaft wear spots.  The grip still feels very good and tacky.

Grade B Golf Clubs


  • C grade is our most common grading.  It represents an average amount of wear for a pre-owned golf club. 
  • This club may have light marks on the crown and clear ball impact marks on the face. 
  • There may also be minor wear marks on the back or sole of the club/set and some blemishes to the paint work may be visible. 
  • Graphite shafted clubs may have some minor bag wear marks but none greater than 1 cm and no depressions. The grip is still in a good usable order.

C Grade Golf Clubs


  • While a D grading is our lowest grade, it still represents a perfectly usable golf club and often incredible value! 
  • This club or set has seen a more than average amount of use and there may be clear marks on the crown, face and back of the club head. 
  • There may be chips to the paintwork on drivers, fairways and hybrids and minor dings on the sole of irons and wedges. 
  • Graphite shafts may show signs of wear but no bag rub marks that are greater than 1 cm and no depressions. 
  • The grip is perfectly usable but may have lost some of it's tackiness. 
  • The performance of the club is unaffected by its condition


Grade D Golf Clubs