Shop for pre-loved golf equipment

Buying our pre-loved golf equipment is a piece of cake. Shop online here or drop in to our new store at Longacres Garden Centre where we have a large stock from golf's top brands!

Sell your unwanted gear

In every home in the land, there are pre-loved golf clubs gathering dust and taking up valuable storage space in the garage. Why not bring them down to our shop and we can value them for you and find them a new home! You can then choose to receive immediate payment via bank transfer, cheque or PayPal. Nice and simple! For high value items please also see our consignment option below.

Part-Exchange your golf clubs

The old switch-a-roo! We'll part-exhange your existing clubs allowing you to get a better price for something new, and clear out the garage. Win Win!  Bring your clubs in to our Longacres store for an instant quote.

Selling High value items

If you have an item of significant value then we would suggest using our consignment stock option. This involves us selling the item on your behalf. The process is pretty straight forward – we agree a price at which to sell your item and once its sold we’ll give you a call and send you the money minus our selling percentage. We can usually get you a little more money for your item and our percentage goes down as the value of your item goes up! Our percentage covers all the associated fees and costs that come with selling the club online and takes away all the risk and hassle that goes with it!

Please contact us to discuss your item and it's suitability for this option.