Post Brexit discounts for E.U customers


Following the U.K.'s exit from the EU, VAT & Duty is now collected in the country of the buyer.  To offset some of this additional cost to our EU customers we are offering a discount on any order being dispatched to a EU country.  Use the discount code below to reduce the cost of your order by 15%.  Please note that VAT and Duty will still be payable on the item's arrival in your county of residence at your local rate. We hope this means you can still grab a great bargain from our store!


Discount FAQ's:

Why don't you offer this discount to our U.K customers? 

Items sold within the U.K are subject to VAT.  Items shipped outside of the U.K are zero rated as the buyer pays the VAT when the item arrives in their country of residence.

Can you ship or purchase an item to a U.K address if I use this code?

No. Your order will be cancelled and payment refunded.  Please note refunded payments, while processed within 24 hours, can take up to 10 days to appear in your account.

Discount code:


(Please enter code at checkout)

Once your order arrives in your county of residence, you will be contacted by our courier to make payment of the relevant VAT & Duty amount associated with your order.  This is then passed on to the relevant tax authority by the courier.  Once this payment has been made, delivery will follow.  The VAT & Duty amount varies by country and order value so please feel free to contact us to confirm what the final cost of your item/s will be. 

Please email us at or assistance.